GRUPO BROTONS organizes in collaboration with the CONCEJALÍA SPORTS EXCMO. CITY COUNCIL OF BENIDORM, on November 24, 2019 the “VIII 10K BENIDORM 2019” with exit Plaza Triangular-Avenida Mediterráneo at 10’00 o’clock. The control in goal will close at 11:30 hours.


The circuit approved in regional calendar with judges of the federation will have a distance of 10,000m.


The following classifications will be made: ABSOLUTE MALE AND FEMALE LOCAL MALE AND FEMALE ADAPTED IN MALE AND FEMALE WHEELCHAIR SUB20 – 18 AND 19 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE SUB23 – 20 TO 22 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE SENIOR – 23 TO 34 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER A – 35 TO 39 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER B – 40 TO 44 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER C – 45 TO 49 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER D – 50 TO 54 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER E – 55 TO 59 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER F – 60 TO 64 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER G – 65 TO 69 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER H – 70 TO 74 YEARS OLD MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER I – 75 TO 79 YEARS MASCULINE AND FEMALE MASTER J – 80 YEARS OR MORE MASCULINE AND FEMALE * Categories updated according to RFEA 2018/2019 regulations The category will be assigned according to age to day of the test. In case of doubt, claim about age, belonging to a certain category, the Organization may claim the supporting documents in each case (D.N.I. or PASSPORT.). Anyone born or registered in Benidorm will be considered a local runner.


The route will be duly marked, kilometer by kilometer with a refreshment point at km 5 and at the finish line. The corridor will have a cloakroom service, a massage area and toilets W.C.


Health care next to the medical service will be found in the SS square. MM. The Kings of Spain. All participants will have an individual accident insurance and the event will have a civil liability insurance.


The showers and changing rooms will be available at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor, from 9 am to 3 pm for free showing the bib number.


Any person residing in the Valencian Community may participate with the limitations established by the RFEA for competitions at the regional level. The prices and sections of the inscriptions are those that appear in the inscriptions section. Prices do not include a € 0.50 administrative costs tpv. The prices of the inscription include the corresponding VAT. The prices of the inscription do not include the expenses of bank management (tpv) by inscription. The organization reserves the right to modify the registration procedure, notifying it and informing it in advance on the website. The inscriptions are available through the web until November 22 and Saturday November 24 from 11h. at 2pm and from 4pm. at 8pm. in the square of S.S. M.M. The Kings of Spain (Plaza del Ayuntamiento). There will be no registration the day of the event.


The numbers may be removed the day before the 11h test. at 1:30 p.m. and from 4pm. at 8pm. in the square of S.S. M.M. The Kings of Spain (Town Hall Square), and the same day until 1 hour before departure, after these times do not know deliver numbers. For the withdrawal of the numbers will have to present the D.N.I., PASSPORT.



ALL RUNNERS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED FROM THE TEST: Do not complete the full journey. Do not wear a clearly visible dorsal in the chest during the journey, manipulate it and / or transfer it to another. Alter the advertising of the number. Run with dorsal awarded to another runner. Enter in Meta without Dorsal, with dorsal duplicate, photocopied or falsified. (*) Alter the data provided to the Organization, with respect to those that appear in your D.N.I. Do not provide the Organization with the documentation required. Do not heed the instructions of the Organization. The disqualified runners will automatically lose any option to the prizes. It is not allowed in application of Art.º144 of the RIA, to run accompanied by people who do not participate in it, on foot or in any type of vehicle, or carry children in their arms or in strollers, nor is it allowed to run with animals, cars , etc. This prohibition extends to the whole race and especially in the arrival to goal being its inobservance reason for possible disqualification on the part of the referee judge. (*) The organization reserves the right to take the legal actions it deems appropriate against these brokers in order to safeguard their interests and those of the other brokers who pay their registration according to the procedures and channels established by the organization of the event.


Claims will be made orally to the Referee, no later than 30 minutes after officially communicating the results. If they are rejected by the latter, a claim may be submitted in writing and accompanied by a deposit of € 100 to the Jury of Appeal. In the case of a favorable resolution, the deposit of € 100 would be returned. If there is no Jury of Appeal, the decision of the Referee is unappealable.


The timing will be done by the CHIPDORSAL system of the company CHIPLEVANTE – GRUPO BROTONS placing a control in Meta, having to pass over the control carpets all corridors obligatorily. The chip will be placed on the back of the dorsal, protected with a spongy band. Do not bend it, or wet it, or tear it. The chip is for single use, after finishing the test it remains in operation.


The only vehicles authorized to follow the test are those designated by the Organization. It is totally forbidden to follow the runners on motorcycles or bicycles, with the Local Police having express orders to remove them from the circuit, as well as baby carriages, or babies in arms, hand children or companions in general; in protection from accidents that may cause runners.


Prizes can only be collected at the protocolary awards ceremony after the race for the winner of the same, other persons may not be promoted to podium.


Once the registration is accepted, the registration fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, except in the following cases: Because the test does not develop For not having participated in the test to be covered the quota of participants. For undue income as a result of payment errors


Following the registration procedure within the page, the broker will find a box THAT SHOULD SELECT entitled DISCARDING AND PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, ACCEPTING the clauses that appear therein. Its reading is recommended.


By registering, the participants give their consent for GRUPO BROTONS, by themselves or through third parties, to treat their personal data automatically and exclusively for sports, promotional or commercial purposes. In accordance with what is established in Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel them in full or partial its content. To do so, you must request in writing to the registered office (C / DENIA 5, 03110, MUTXAMEL, ALICANTE). Likewise and in accordance with the sports interests, promotion, distribution and exploitation for everyone (reproduction of photographs of the test, publication of qualifying lists, etc.) by any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) and without time limit , the registered expressly give the organization the right to reproduce the name and surnames, the site obtained in the general classification and the participant’s own, the category, the sports brand made and its image.


Everything foreseen in these Regulations will be governed by the General Competition Rules of the F.A.C.V., R.F.E.A., for this season.


The organization reserves the right of admission. All the participants for the fact of taking the exit, accept the present regulation. In case of doubt, the criteria of the organization will prevail.