The VII 10K BENIDORM is organized by Grupo Brotons with the institutional support of the Department of Sports of the City of Benidorm, with departure and finish in the Plaza Doctor Fleming Benidom. It has a route that looks to the sea, approved, federated and within the regional calendar.


Turismo Benidorm

Skyline Benidorm

Benidorm has always boasted of being a modern city in terms of urban planning. The General Urban Plan of 1956 allowed the city to rise to the top and today we have the most recognized skyline in Spain.

Costa Blanca

A fine golden sand, transparent waters and beaches that have a clean and careful appearance throughout the year are the hallmarks of Benidorm’s seafront.


The richness and variety of the gastronomy of Benidorm has been achieved thanks to the success of assimilating the good influences that the ancestors and other civilizations have been depositing in the local cookbook.



Corre bajo el Skyline de Benidorm, la arena y su Isla al fondo…